Energy Saver for Lighting Loads

How System Functions ?

When in use, elecrical equipment draw power and convert it into output energy. In the process of conversion, most gadgets draw more energy than required in the output demand.As such, the excess energy which cannot be utilized in anyway gets wasted.

This system is a high efficiency device that optimises the voltage & Current ( static or dynamicaly ) as the energy consumed increases in approximately square of input voltage, hence, the output energy would reach to an optimum level.

Specification & Construction

** Stabilux is built with 16 gauge SWG CRCA sheet steel enclosure duly powder coated conforming to shade 631 of IP 54/55. ** Rated in KVA, ranging from 1.5-1200 KVA for single phase(230V) and three phase (415V / 220V phase to phase AC circutes.
** High efficient Stabilux coils.
** Incoming and outgoing protection by SFU/MCB/MCCB of reputed make.
** On - load By pass and tap changing switches.(optional).
** Metering provision for recording & monitoring(optional).
** Under voltage auto bypass system (optional).
** Forced air circulation to keep the system cooler.
** Available in both indoor and outdoor models

Hard Facts of Stabilux

** Guaranteed savings up to 25% in lighting load and 15% in mixed load. ** Extend the life of discharge lamps and reduce replacement of chokes.
** Centralised installation without delamping or relamping. ** Guards the circute from high voltage spikes and surges.
** Improves the power quality. ** Maintenance free with 20 years life span.
** Payback period is as low as one year.
** Marginal improvement in the Power Factor.

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