Surgical Drapes & Gowns

1.1 Sentinex Surgical Gowns

Sentinex SMART surgical gown standard

Sentinex SMART surgical gown standard is Wraparound surgical gown with sterile back section thanks to very generous overlap. It is optimally suited for procedures with low amounts of fluid.

Sentinex SMART surgical gown special

Sentinex SMART surgical gown special is Wraparound surgical gown based on the standard version with additional fluid-impermeable reinforcements on the front and sleeve area. The reinforced area provides a high level of resistance to soaking and bacterial penetration. It is very well suited for surgery with large amounts of fluid.

Disposable wrapround surgical gown range made for multilayer composite nonwoven material with high wearing comfort for users and patients in accordance with DIN EN 13795

  • Sentinex surgical gowns are comfortable to wear
  • Handy transfer card (for easy handling)
  • Soft knitted cuffs (for a comfortable fit)
  • Hook and loop fastener at the neck (for secure fastening)
  • Seams ultrasound sealed (to increase leak proofing)
  • Reinforced zone in the special model (on the front and sleeve area)
1.2 Raucodrape

Control infection the SMART way

Raucodrape SMART OR drape,2 layered
Raucodrape SMART OR drape,2 layered, is used, for procedures with low amounts of fluid

Raucodrape SMART OR drape,2 layered Plus
Raucodrape SMART OR drape,2 layered Plus, is used for procedures with moderate or high amounts of fluid

Single use v/s disposable use

Resistance against microbial penetration:
Fabric pores have a size of min. 80 mic. μm> they are large. Microbial particles can easily penetrate untreated cotton (reusable) because they are smaller. Raucodrape offers safe barrier against microbial penetration due to PE film.

Resistance against liquid penetration:
Untreated cotton (reusable) offers a minor protection against liquid penetration like water or blood. No protection against the liquid transmission of infectious agents.

Untreated cotton (reusable) is a stiff and thick material. The drapability is poor and could lead to security leak in the OR, Raucodrape product can be easily drapped because of light and thin material.

Storage efficiency:
The size of the packaging of the conventional textile OR drape system is the reason for the high necessity of storage space. Raucodrape are single use product that are packaged in user friendly pouches and a storage friendly size.


What is AAMI and European?
The main objective of the regulations is to minimize the risk of infections.

  • The devices are designed to prevent transmission of contaminated agents between the patient and the surgeon during surgery or invasive procedures.
  • Standardized quality requirements for OR drapes and gowns. Single use and reusable medical products
  • The standard describes the quality requirements for OR drapes and OR gowns.
  • The main objective is to ensure the protection against infection during surgery
  • Transparent criteria for each hospital.
  • The AAMI Standard is the US-reference norm to the European Norm EN 13795.
  • Provides a system for classification for protective clothing and OR drapes based on their fluid impermeability.
  • Labelling requirements and test methods.
  • AAMI differentiates 4 performance levels
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