Sensor Based Lighting System

What are the functions of the Sensor ?

Multi purpose electrical security device that can be connected to one or more lights. The sensor will automatically switch on the light for the preset time when movement is detected within its coverage area. Can help cut down your electricity bills considerably. With the use of the sensor, you will no longer need to leave your lights on all night. It will automatically switch them on for you when required and automatically switch them off after the preset time.

Where You can Install the Sensor ?

Offices-Lift Lobby-Hotel Rooms-Lobby-Toilets-Staircase -Locker/ Safe rooms in Banks-Pantry-Maintenance Room-ATMs-Corridors-Colleges / Schools -Conference Room-Stores-Dining area/Cantee-Basement/ Parking area-Hotel/ Guest Houses and Malls -Hospitals-Multi Apartment complex

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